A Surprise Selection of Limited Looks

We’re looking forward to many exciting things here at Makeup Junkie Bags in 2017! One big thing will be our “Bag Drops”. Here’s the way the Bag Drop will work…

A lot of times, MJ will find a fabric she really adores and our lovely seamstresses will whip up (masterfully create) a limited batch of about 100 Bags. Usually, we’ll put them online and they sell out within a day.


*The Royal Bag, Available Now in Limited Quantity

We’ve been doing this without warning, and it’s come to our attention that it might help if our adoring Makeup Junkies knew when we were putting out these limited edition bags. So, for now on, we’ll announce the date and the bags ahead of times.

Keep an eye out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where we’ll do “Bag Drop” posts announcing when you can find the newest limited edition bags.

And, as always, thank you so much for continuing to shop at Makeup Junkie Bags. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming next for the new year. We like to think of it like this: Over the last few months, we’ve been putting on our foundation. Pretty soon it’s time for the lipstick and the mascara. In other words; things are going to get even more fun!


The Makeup Junkie Bags Team




Twitter: @MakeupJunkieBag

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