Talk about the Miracle of Christmas…we’ve had our fair share of miracles lately. In a few short months, Makeup Junkie Bags has grown from a homemade alternative to bad design to a full-fledged fashion renaissance. Thanks to you, we’ve gone from selling handfuls to thousands of bags both on our websites and some of the finest boutiques in the USA. While we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the 2017 (hint: you are going to love it!), we’re also dedicated to our origin and the things that make Makeup Junkie Bags “The Perfect Makeup Bags”. Here are 5 Reasons You Need a Makeup Junkie Bag:

1) Flat Out Awesome

When MJ came up with the design for her first Makeup Junkie Bag, she knew right away one of the mandatory features would be its ability to lie flat on the surface. It’s a very simple, yet very innovative concept. “We all know the world isn’t flat, but the perfect makeup bag needs to be.” By creating a flat bottom, we cut out all of the lumpy, frumpy disorganization so common in other bags, and we make it super simple to find your supplies.

Add that to the fact that these bags are created with dimensions to fit all of the best MODERN supplies and you have a total winner. Most makeup bags won’t fit eyeshadow palettes or professional brushes but the Medium does because MJ designed its length specifically for that. The large is also designed around a can of Kenra hairspray which is fairly tall. Those can fit full size shampoo conditioner etc. So, you have a bag that is flat and can hold tons of stuff!


2) Zip Me!

Speaking of making life easier… Just like mama always said, “Don’t judge a book by the cover.” Yes, our zippers are bright, classy, and tough. (Sort of like Blake Lively meets Kacey Musgraves), but they are also smart as a whip. MJ designed the zippers to be “elongated”, creating a gaping look to the bag when open. This means that, unlike other bags, a Makeup Junkie Bag will stay open when it is unzipped, and you can focus your energy on gazing on the contents of your bag instead of fumbling around for the right lipstick or powder.

3) Keep it Clean

Here’s an experiment for you. Take everything out of your purse, turn it upside down, and smack it a few times like you are burping a baby. What comes out of the bag will most likely resemble a combination of the stuff that falls between the couch cushions and the crumbs from a pop tart. Yeah, it’s gross! We’ve all spilled makeup, perfume, and granola bars in our bags. Well, with Makeup Junkie Bags’ washable interiors, all you need to do is get down in there with a damp wipe and clean the bag out. No more freaky crumb kingdom living in your favorite accessory. Voila!


4) More Tassels, Less Hassle

MJ decided that all of our bags come with custom suede tassels. We feel like the best things in life are “All Frills, No Spills.” To us, the perfect makeup bag is not only functional, but also fun. So, in a lot of ways, the tassel represents the woman who has a great sense of humor, no matter what is going on in her life.

5) Designer Women

On top of our stylish tassels, MJ has decided to hand-select each designer fabric for each of our lines. If the tassels represent the fun in life, then these fabrics represent the beauty. From our trademark “Glam Stripe Bag” to the newer “Later Alligator”, we are on a constant quest to find the fabrics that reflect both our taste and our customers’ lives. We are the company for the working woman, the loving (and often exhausted) mom, the grad student, and the social butterfly. We want our bags to be there when you get ready in the morning, when you have a hot date, when you have an out of town conference, and when you are out with the kids.

Makeup Junkie Bags is still a baby. But it’s a really happy baby, because you have been giving it so much love! Thanks so much for being part of our journey. And stay tuned for what we have coming up in 2017!

by Nick Bridwell and The Makeup Junkie Bags Team

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