The Julia Bag- retail only!
The Julia Bag- retail only!
The Julia Bag- retail only!
The Julia Bag- retail only!

The Julia Bag- retail only!

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The Julia bag is a limited edition bag available for pre-order only, raising awareness for breast cancer month. They will ship at the end of October. Proceeds from purchasing this bag will go directly to Breast Friends/The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation. We are so proud of our breast cancer month covergirl survivor, hear her heartfelt story below.

In November 2016 at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with Stage 2-b HER2 Positive Breast Cancer.  At the time, my daughters Hadley and Caroline were 4 and 2.5 years old.  I had recently returned to work full time as a pharmaceutical sales representative and without any family history, cancer was a complete shock.  Not being old enough for a mammogram, people often ask me how I found the lumps in my breast.  I completely believe that it was by the grace of God that I felt something (totally painless) that day, November 12th in my left breast as my daughter laid her head on my chest.   I did not routinely do self-breast exams and frankly never thought of myself as a person who would ever have cancer of any type.  But God intervened that day.   Working in healthcare and considering myself a very healthy person, it was a total surprise. The next few days and months were the most trying times of my entire life.  Never having dealt with anxiety or depression made it unclear for me to see that I was falling full force into both of these.  It is through my Faith in God and the support of my family that I made it through the next 6 months of chemotherapy, multiple surgeries and finally, 6 weeks of daily radiation treatment and a year of targeted therapy/drug infusions.

I don’t want my story to make anyone sad.  I want to tell anyone who will listen, how faithful and loving Jesus is and no matter what we face in life, He is there to provide all we need and more.  I have learned so much about God, love and faith over the last 2 years and I 100% believe that this WAS God’s plan for me.  I believe God had so much to teach me and although He doesn’t want to see any of His children suffer, sometimes he must allow suffering because it is the only way to learn what we need to learn. I could talk for hours about the miracles I experienced during my cancer journey.  I pray I never lose the perspective that I have and that I always remember on my darkest days, prayer and a personal relationship with God is what got me through. 

 I am forever changed by what I went through.   My faith carried me through and now I live life differently.  I have always had faith, but now I know that in crisis, all you really have is your family and your faith.  Now I rely on God in a new way.  I relate to Him in a new way and I hope to shine His light to those around me in a new way. I’m so much more compassionate, empathetic and tolerant than I was before cancer.  I see what matters and don’t take a single thing for granted.  Cancer survivors have a way of looking at life that no one really understands and I’m not sure we even understand it.  We just know how sweet and beautiful and incredibly short life is, so we just try to live more! 

I want to create awareness about breast cancer and advocate for women’s health. I want to empower women to put our own health first and not feel guilty as a mom or a wife for doing this.  We MUST put ourselves at the top of our priority list.  Being the best for ourselves means we can be the best for those around us.  Knowing what is normal in our bodies and being familiar with every inch of our own bodies means that we can spot a change if it pops up.  I want to advocate for women to get mammograms and other necessary health screenings-early detection is key!  

I’m so honored to be partnering with Make up Junkie and Meredith Jurica to raise funds for BREAST FRIENDS/The Coastal Bend Wellness Foundation.  This non-profit organization provides free prosthetics and bras for women who cannot afford them.  Prosthetics and properly fitting bras are a crucial part of a women feeling whole again after mastectomy surgery.  Feeling comfortable in her own clothes can restore a woman’s confidence, self-esteem and sense of normalcy.  The funds raised through the sales of the JULIA bag will go directly to this organization in Corpus Christi and impact so many women’s lives.  

The Julia bag is a Pre-Order bag only! They will ship at the end of October. 

The Julia bag is a deep rose and white whimsy bag featuring a black and white striped interior. Our designers ensure that each handcrafted bag comes with a Pink Zipper and coordinating tassel.

*Each Makeup Junkie Bag comes with designer, moisture resistant, interior liner*

Care Instructions: The Julia Bag is washable, on cold, remove tassel before washing. Lay flat or hang to dry, Do not use iron