5 Other Uses for Your Makeup Junkie Bags

They’re not just for makeup…

Check out our 5 other uses for your Makeup Junkie Bags.

We imagined this situation when designing our awesome Makeup Junkie Bags… There are just so many beautiful patterns and fabrics to pick from. So, now you want to try out different bags and you want to use them for more than makeup. No problem! We’ve heard from plenty of our awesome customers, and you ladies have the coolest ways to use your Makeup Junkie Bags. Here are just a few…


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  1. Megan Rose 1 year ago

    I use it for the baby bag! A size small for any went bibs or onesies and a medium bag to hold medicine, gripe water, gas drops! No leaking and if they do I don’t have to worry about it ruining everything else! Wonderful!

  2. Teresa Williams 1 year ago

    Mt husband and I have recently retired and we are wanting to travel. So I have a bag for my make up, medicines, all my toiletries and one for all my chargers !!! So when my husband asked for a phone charger I just tell him it in the Cheata bag !! I love them all !!

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